Welcome to Mandala. The Mandala app is dedicated to bringing Buddhist wisdom and best insights of psychology together so that we may apply these to our everyday life. Mandala also offers an interactive platform to creatively explore the rich world of Buddhism making its philosophy, teachings, and practice enrich the life of a twenty-first century seeker like you and I.

More than 2500 years ago the Buddha offered his fundamental insights into our human condition within the framework of what he called the four noble truths. That suffering is an unavoidable aspect of our human existence; that much of our suffering arises from our desire rooted in distorted perceptions; that there is a possibility of alleviation of suffering; and, finally, there is a path or means by which we can bring this about. This ancient framework offers a powerful way to understand our reality and explore ways in which we can develop our human potential.

In contemporary terms, our suffering may take the form of excessive stress at work, breakdown of relationships, and a pervasive sense of anxiety and confusion about the world we live in. Much of these sufferings arise from excessive competitiveness, our desire in the form of attachment to material things, to status, and to fame, as well as distorted beliefs about what makes us truly happy. So the Buddha’s insight that transforming the way we view ourselves and the world around us is key to our happiness remains potent even today.

The Mandala App brings together Buddhist wisdom and meditation techniques with insights of psychology and neuroscience. And this combined wisdom can then be applied to the challenges and needs of our highly complex contemporary life.

Being part of the Mandala community you are choosing to live your life consciously and with purpose. Once again, welcome to Mandala.